battery power of this new microsoft laptop

This is now supplying, I believe, 127 Watts of power. So there were some complaints and a previous model that under certain tasks under a certain load, the sink could actually suck more battery than the brick was providing. That’s not going to be the case anymore with 127 Watts. A nice thing Microsoft does as well in their chargers.

They give you an extra USB port to charge a mobile device or really whatever you want. This is the same proprietary connector that works across surface devices. You guys know I prefer USB type C wherever possible, but. If you are going to have a proprietary connector, whether it’s the surface connector or the old Mac book connector, the mag safe, if you put a magnet in it, I will start to accept your proprietary nature because of the benefit of the kick proofness.

When somebody. If somebody were to trip over the cord, it pops out really easily is we’ll work with the surface dial wheel type of thing. It will work with the surface pen, as I mentioned previously, but you’ve got to buy that stuff extra on top of the cost.

Ooh. And something that’s still kinda messes me up when I use this device at home. All the controls, power volume, it’s all on the display and it starts to make sense to you that it has to be here because you detached the thing and you want to have access. The other thing you’re going to see on the tablet portion up top here.

Is a camera. Your speakers are on here as well, and there’s even a headphone Jack, believe it or not, on the tablet portion. Now, on this side of the device, as you look at the bottom portion, you’ll see a type C connector as well as your main charge connector. So the bottom of the unit has a battery in it.

In fact, the bigger battery is in the bottom of the unit, around 10 hours of battery life with the two of them connected. You’ll take a battery hit when you’re in tablet mode, but then you connect this back to the base and the base acts as like a battery bank, sort of the base has your graphics card and your larger battery in it.

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