Best microsoft software under the surface headline

Man. Sometimes you forget all of the different hardware that Microsoft makes under the surface tag under the surface headline. This one is actually one of my favorites. I have the previous version at my house. It gets a lot of use. They’ve upgraded the surface book. Now. It’s a bit confusing the naming because when you hear book, you kind of think of a laptop, folds over like a book.

Apple calls their laptops. The Mac book. Microsoft, on the other hand, calls their laptop, the surface laptop and the surface book is another thing entirely. In fact, you can’t even really call it a laptop while you could, but it’s really a true convertible transformer type of thing. As the image on the front implies, it’s one of the only bull horsepower convertible setups that you can get dedicated graphics inside battery life.

processors, the type of screen resolution you would want on a high powered laptop, but yet still it can go into tablet mode. And the implementation here is very unique. The tablet mode isn’t some sort of fold, although you can fold it into a sort of large tablet. The tablet mode is a complete detach of the screen unit, and I think that’s why this thing gets used at my house is because when you remove the screen, it’s light enough to make sense as a tablet.

Well, you got to pay for it. Okay. That’s, that’s the thing to consider. So you travel over to the website. And the surface book, 13 inch is starting at 1600 bucks. And when you step up to the 15 inch, which is what this unit in front of me is, the price goes up once again, but for your cash, you’re getting dedicated Nvidia graphics.

This is a 10th gen Intel core. I seven inside, five 12 gigs of storage configurable up to two terabytes. 32 gigs of Ram and the 15 inch comes with a G-Force GTX 1660 TEI with six gigabytes of graphics Ram. So now we’re talking about gaming on a device that has a detachable screen. Now granted, you give up that GPU when you do detach the screen.

So. The screen detached portion, and I don’t think this is going to matter to most people. You do take a hit on a performance as a consequence, but I think when you have the screen detached, you’re in sort of more of a consumption mode. You’re watching video, you’re possibly, maybe you’re drawing something because again, you can use the pen on this device, the same pen that you would use in the other surface product surface go, which I featured recently or surface pro.

The weight of the device. The 13 inch starts at 3.38 pounds. The bigger 15 inch is going to be 4.2 pounds. If you want the top tier graphics, you’re going to be looking at the 15 inch. Though the 13.5 is configurable with up to a 1650 max Q with four gigabytes of video memory. It’s hard to even find a comparable, I mean, there’s plenty of awesome PC laptops, workstation and gaming laptops.

But how many of them have this screen fully detached and how many of them have a hinge like this? This is the real transformer of the bunch as far as I’m concerned. So here is the laptop first. Also inside the package, we have some paperwork. This is the charge brick. This has been upgraded from the previous version.

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