Look at this. This is so cool. All right, let’s see. What’s in this now,

today we’ve spent $25,000 on an eBay mystery books. The main reason we did this is because they said we could get a PlayStation five in it. So let’s find out if we did or didn’t. We also have this mystery box that legit tech sent us over and we’re super hot to open up that. As we have this other mystery box sent to us from outside.

So we’re really looking forward to opening that as well, but let’s start off with the $25,000 break in East Bay mystery box. Alright, this thing you’re going to get out of the way. And we’re hoping that there is something good is that I don’t really know how much I trust this kid, but the knife, you should trust me a lot, Tommy.

You haven’t got a knife. When am I ever cut? You have not exactly. Now a lot of people let’s scan when I pull. All right, let’s get into this. Whoa. All right. We’re starting off with something really, really cool. Right now got something that is actually a six startups. All my goodness. You sliced it with the night.

Do what? So we’re starting off with the PlayStation four, but this is not in a box or anything, but if you can see that, Johnny just cut that with the knife. So it’s crazy when you’re opening up a mystery box, you’ve gotta be real careful where the blade’s gone. That’s it’s 25,000 all mystery box is going to expect a lot of stuff.

I got to remember, guys, this is 20 yeah. $25,000. So that’s why we’re not going so crazy about it. Okay. So this mystery box seems to be PlayStation theme because there’s a lot of PlayStation stuff in here, but there is also. Some Nintendo switch stuff in here. Take a look at this guys. It’s a bass pro Nintendo switch game.

Alright guys. An iPad right there. That is awesome. Alright, so we have. Big thing in here. What is it? I don’t actually know like what, Oh my goodness. Okay. I don’t know. It looks like a chest. I think he had something like this before. I think we’re going to wait to open this up. I think that there could be something really good in here and hopefully, nah, we’ll wait, we’ll wait.

We’re going to leave this here. And we’re going to open this toward a random point in this video told me, look at this guy. It’s like this old book what’s in it. Okay. What’s it? Oh no, it’s some awesome silver set. That looks so awesome. Right there. That is so cool, dude. I’m keeping that over. I’m looking forward to what’s in this next step.

Come on, Tommy. What? Wait, what is that guys? I never know what’s going on here, Tommy. Oh, fun proof. Silver years, sack. I dunno what that, Oh the heck what the heck, if this is silver dude, that’s what? Quite a lot of money.

Oh my goodness. They look like silver coins guys. Such high quality. Oh, wow. That’s awesome. You don’t know? Silver is actually very expensive. Alright. Here we go guys. I’m going in? Oh my goodness. Sammy. What you don’t even believe what I just found what? Oh my goodness. Are they guys at Pokemon cards? Okay.

First of all, we have kalkia edX truths. Oh my goodness. Aptos. These original. These are the original mcgain here. Oh my goodness. Whoa. Step step title, being a sword Jenks, pick a chew. Oh my goodness. How much could they be worth? And these are all in like really expensive packaging. That means these are probably worth a lot of money.

And then the old Jean car, some poker we’re going in a circle. I’m going and going around. Come on. I want to go back to the buy side. Alright. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I see. It’s another silver coin set. Oh my goodness. Oh, God, one of these is, Oh my goodness. That is so thick. It’s as thick as my finger is, how much would this phone work?

Seriously? How much would this be? I don’t even know, but that is awesome. I’m getting into the next side. And right now this is actually insane. What on a beat pill? This is so cool. What’s the heck. I’m going to be literally sick guy. Let’s see what else? Okay. No, surely gotten like three of these recently.

To give the Mac book. This is the latest one as well. Guys, three grand could be more, it could be more parents it’s really hocked about it. I opened it. We’ve got literally three of these. Now we have like three of them love to give them in mystery boxes. That is so cool, man. That is so cool. There’s so much more good stuff in here, guys.

Oh my goodness. No, no,

no way. I’m pulling out two things. Sorry, Tommy guys. I know what this is. Yup. Another silver proof points that wow. Look at this. Oh, my goodness guy. Oh my goodness. Silver coins right now.

Oh my goodness. Literally this box is going to make us so much money. Another one right there. Another one, right there. Are you serious? That is, Oh, there’s more stuff in this box, but I really want to open up what logic tech center. So as we mentioned earlier, logic tech actually sent us a mystery box, which is so cool.

So let’s see what’s in this right now. Alright, come on and tell me, it was like, Whoa. You know, if you’ve got a big box. It’s gotta be something I’m bringing this closer to the camera. Cause I don’t even know what’s in there. So it’s been taped up with their tape and look at this. This is so cool. Alright, let’s see.

What’s in this now. Oh, this is X box, the stroke, eight 50 white. What? This is like a $500 headset. Awe. And then look awesome. Whoa. Wow. The new smell guys. Just nice. This is so expensive, dude. Oh my goodness. Oh, if you guys didn’t know, this headset has super coffee feel super comfy and it’s going to let your ears breathe.

It’s also got the wireless talk off. Isn’t locked with PC. It works with X-Box one windows and Mac that’s PC. Yeah, that is good. And guys that comes with this little base station to charge it because it is wireless headset. So if you’re gaming with these, you’re going to be in real comfort and the sound quality is great.

That is awesome. Alright guys. Well, you don’t know. Oh my goodness. This looks awesome. I think I know what this is. I think I know what, and I’m not joking. Please. Come on. Be what I think it is for you. What? I think it is please. Oh, this looks sick. Oh my goodness.

It’s a, it’s a colorful, what’s it called for the color thing? RGB, RGB. RGB is like my favorite. And this looks like one of the most I can feel. I can see all of his spit. You can’t have tallies excited about open the side. They got to hear the, you just need to pull that off. Alright, this is going to be awesome.

I look at this. This is probably worth a few hundred dollars ease. Oh my goodness. Hang on. Before we click a key, look at how critical that is and it’s got literally this, are you ready? You ready? I’m creaking and K right now. As a field. Oh, that is, this is, this is one of the most quasi I’ve ever seen. Oh, it smells awesome.

Alright. Tell me your turn right now that you guys don’t want to get any of this Logitech stuff. Just go to their website or in store, whatever. I personally think that. That stuff is sick. And I’m not just saying that because they sent it to us. Data quality is just so next level. All right. There’s another thing in here.

What the heck is that? And I think I’m going to know what this is why I think it’s going to be a mouse, maybe NA masturbate. It’s like, Oh, it is a mad. It is a mouse. So guys the G six Oh four, this is a wireless gaming mouse. All right now. Oh, look at this thing. Looks really cool. I’m not going to lie. Okay.

I’m getting it straight out of this. This looks like, Oh my, Oh, it’s even got like the next level, little blue sticky stuff on it. Oh, that click feels so good and very comfortable as well. Like this fits your hand. Really, really well. That looks really, I got to say those are three items that I really think are sick.

All right. There’s still way more than this box right now, actually. I’m going to pull up this and then maybe we open this thing, Tommy. Alright. Which thing that, Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Okay. Here we go. Guys. I’m opening this. It’s got the Olympic symbol on it, so I’m assuming it’s going to be something really.

Ooh. 1980 96 to 1996. All right, let’s see this right now. More silver. Are you serious? More silver. Sick. How much money is in this bar? So guys, we didn’t even realize on this mouse, there’s like buttons on the side as well. One, but there’s like six buttons and then a plus and minus button there there’s so many buttons on this thing.

It’s just been incredible. I reckon you open something. It’s still more in our eBay mystery box. I can’t believe it. It was better in the Logitech box so far than the eBay mystery box. That’s $25,000. Well, alright, here we go. Whatever these are. Whereabouts of find out.

Alright, here we go. This two of them, sir. Yes. I’ve got one. You might get one whatever’s in it. I honestly don’t even know. Let’s say this right now. I’ve got no idea what this is. I guess I’ll just watch you open it. Hold on. This, this

looks like a tablet or something. There’s this nurse, it feels really heavy. Oh my goodness. What’s okay. So I think this is like a. TV slash tablet monitor. Maybe let me read it. And it’s got like a base. Okay. It’s a portable monitor or you can plug it into your laptop, your desktop, wherever, and you can, it’s like a second screen.

Can you plug it into your phone? And it plugs in, I think by USC. B C Oh yeah. Yeah. It’s not like a power cord, so you can plug it into that. That is awesome. And we’ve got two off. Yeah, we’ve got two of them that we can just use these. You can use these on like holidays or anything like that. You basically, literally, that’s a really cool, I don’t mind that.

Wow. Ooze, I’ve never even heard that brand. Now. You have pretty awesome. That is sick. Alright. Alright. Finally. Got it all. Oh my goodness. Okay. Dang. There are literally one, two, three, four five six seven eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 1920 2122, 23, 24 games. That’s a lot of games. Oh my goodness. It’s red dead.

There’s Spiderman. That’s far cry. Primal there’s poker, mom. That’s everything you could imagine, but it still doesn’t amount to $25,000. It doesn’t, but we spent not forgetting this dude. We’ve gotten that many silver coins. What are you talking about? Rare Pokemon cards. Oh, it looks like there’s like two more.

I’m going to just assume these are silver coins again, because everything else has been so well, we’ll look at one of them. I mean, are you upset with that? I can’t be upset one or silver proof acquaintance. So, I mean, that’s pretty cool to have them as disappointed. Not at the silver. I love Selma, but at the fact that we spent $25,000, I reckon we’ve easily gotten that silver alone.

I mean, the silver value probably has made us like 10, 15, but let’s not forget the main reason we bought this. Box. All right. One of the main things we bought this box for was, cause I said you could get a PlayStation buy it. So. I didn’t see a PlayStation five, but there is this. And I think that this was a call of duty box.

I did a bit of research in our downtime. I think there was a call of duty box and there is something actually in it. Alright. It’s like a golden. You have received the golden PS ticket. This ticket ensures that you will be one of the first to receive a PSP congratulations ticket number 564. And it’s got their PlayStation website there guys is this for real, I’ve got to go to their site and find out if this is actually for real.

Cause if it is the PlayStation cycle, a few thousand dollars these days, so Australian that is guys will take that. I guess I probably make some money back from being honest. All right, guys, that’s gonna wrap up this video. I hope you guys enjoyed. If he did smash a like and subscribe and we’ll see you guys in the next one.

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