Most powerful smartphone in the world review

Oh man. So we’ve been talking a lot about the idea of smartphones and specs and spec lists. And if that’s the whole story around a particular smartphone or smartphone launch and, uh, this particular device, well, this one takes a spec approach as far as just smashing everything onto the spec sheet. So much so that after taking a glance at it, I was thinking, man, that might be the fastest.

That might be the most powerful smartphone in 2020. This is the Rogg phone three. And I’m telling you right now, they’ve put everything in it. What about a little snap, dragon, eight 65. Plus the first processor. To clock over three gigahertz in a smartphone, 10% improvement, performance improvement over the regular snap, dragon eight 65, which is all already flagship level.

What about a one 44 Hertz display yet? We’re going to put that in there as well. Oh, how about 16 gigs of Ram in a phone? Geez, difficult. They put 16 gigs, a rep. I mean, you don’t have to get it with 16 gigs, but they’re selling a 16 gigabyte white brand version of this smartphone. Oh. And by the way, five, 12 gigs of storage, they packed it all into here.

It’s wild. You have a 6,000 milliamp hour battery. Look, we’re going to go over it. We’re going to find out I have a few of the accessories over here, but it looks like it’s the cases and the cooler, which if you guys watched my previous video on Rogg phone and certain other gaming phones, You know, these things are not exempt.

They actually do work the controllers and other peripherals that doc, I don’t have those at the moment, but the box looks very fancy and special. R O G phone three. You have the cyborg futuristic look to it, as you can tell. I don’t even, it slides of course. Ooh. Okay. So the phone is actually over there and this is going to be the extra things I’m going to just, we’re going to chill on that for a second.

This one that lifts there. It’s all, it’s very magical. Lift the tab. Oh, okay. For those who dare. There’s a free included case over here. This is a kind of exoskeleton look, gamer aesthetic. As you’re aware, it doesn’t cover up the design or the LEDs that are on the device. You got to have some RGB on there as well.

So that’ll get you started. I’ve also got your paperwork and a SIM tool, which is even a SIM tool is aggressive magic. Kirk, you never saw SIM tool aggressive like that. Like that’s the like Lambo style angles on SMT, some stickers join the Republic. Republic of gamers. Increasingly guys, it’s all about the mobile gaming.

That’s people are expecting more out of their mobile devices when it comes to gaming. And that’s really, what’s taxing these. These heavy spec sheets, uh, particularly because cooling becomes an issue. And then long gaming sessions may result in, in a phone kind of down clocking itself in order to deal with increased heat.

And then you’re having worst performance. The idea here with. A phone like this and the accessories they come out with is to encourage those extended gaming sessions, not having to worry about performance. So I read up a little bit on this power break. This is a 30 watt fast charger for the 6,000 milliamp hour battery that’s in here.

And the reason they selected 30 Watts as opposed to something even faster is because it would require a far fatter phone. And so they had to make a selection between either a bigger battery that would charge at 30 Watts. Or a smaller battery that that could charge faster. And so they went for the bigger battery, which I think is a good choice in a device like this 6,000 million bucks.

That’s no joke. These are some little plug looking things for your or accessory ports in case you want to have them sealed off. This looks like some sort of a braided cable. I believe it’s a tight. C type C to type C a fairly robust cable. And other thing you’d want to see on a smartphone target at being plugged in some of the time for that reason, really intense gaming.

This is a tight seat, too many Jack connector for connecting the headset. The phone over here.

Now this, this is a bit of a beast, as I’m sure you’re aware. And is that probably meets your expectation if you’ve been paying any attention to the gaming segment of smartphones for powerhouse style smartphones, this has some weight to it. It’s very metallic, very cyborg as mentioned.

So the rear reveals this logo in the center, the Republic of gamers logo, and that is going to light up. That’s going to be RGB. And we have some other distinctive characteristics. This section over here, depending on the way you bend it, you get some different colored reflections. It says aerodynamic system, their Republic of gamers written below.

Here’s your camera module up top. It looks like you have a couple of cameras on there as well as a flash. All. Very angular in design over on the side here we have Rogg engraved into the device, right? It is R O G. And I think those are also your shoulder buttons. These are going to be capacitive, shoulder buttons, air triggers are what they call them.

And those are a differentiating characteristic of a gaming phone. You can map those to any spot in your game and get away comfy your grip over long periods of time. And these triggers on this device. They actually added functionality. You can split them in half, so you can actually have a one button over here and one button over here on each side.

So you can get even more functionality. You can swipe on them. Now it’s a lot of stuff going on. Now. Another unique feature is the ability to plug in. Your peripherals, your cables and your other attachments on the side of the device, as opposed to just on the bottom. And that’s a key because obviously, you know, when you’re playing a game, you’re in landscape mode for the most part, and you could have the cable interfering with your grip.

But also there’s various docs that, uh, they’re gonna put out as accessories to this device that you may want to dock into. And so you have just the versatility of that port on the other side. Ooh, look at that Qualcomm logo, elite gaming. So Qualcomm saying, Hey, this is our top tier, uh, processor. This is our.

Eight 65, plus I think this is the first place it’s actually been. We’ve got a unique, welcome graphic as well. This is not your stock Android situations. So for unlocking the phone, we have some options here for face recognition, as well as in display fingerprint. Oh. So you can use the air triggers for a squeeze function as well.

And here you can see it’s set to somewhere in the middle. And then that gives you an idea of how hard. You have to squeeze to trigger that couple of different systems styles for you to choose from. This is the Zen UI that comes on a variety of their devices. The default mode isn’t rogs specific, more aggressive gaming mode.

I think that’s what most people are going to choose. If you purchase a device like this, Rogg elite desperately needs you to join the resistance mission immediately. All right. So the device is booted up and, Oh my goodness gracious this a one 44 refresh and it looks like the animation. Oh my God. That’s fast.

That is silky smooth. Oh my goodness. That is fat. So the touch latency is now down to a record low 25 milliseconds with a 270 Hertz touch sampling rate. So you have a couple of different refresh rates to keep in mind. There’s the one 44 Hertz plus the two 70 Hertz on the touch input. All you need to really know is this means you’re going to have a very fluid experience and for the touch input, your touch is going to be registered rapidly and fluidly.

So you can see there’s a bit of a skin on here. They’ve also got a dedicated gaming section called the armory crate, and this is where your games are going to live. This is also where you’re going to be able to see the performance of your device, the temperature, the system frequency, the GPU CPU, how much memory you’re using.

And this thing, obviously, as I mentioned, 16 gigs of Ram. So you can keep all, a lot of things loaded in the background. You just have a bigger ramp buffer there. Obviously. Now, one thing you’ll probably notice what about the device immediately is the fact that it’s not attempting to be one of these aggressive screen to body ratio phones.

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