Most powerful smartphone in the world specs

You’ll notice. It’s just, I mean, you have a forehead and chin, and that may remind you, do you have a smartphone, a kind of antiquated look to it? Well with an antiquated look, but they went out of their way in the press document to suggest that this was thought through. And they decided instead that the front facing speakers and the speaker performance and the overall score tail of the battery was more important.

Then stretching the display as far as possible to each edge. So you have two front facing speakers left and right. Which are going to be difficult to block with your hands when you’re in a gaming orientation and you also have a front facing camera, which the same thing, they put it up above where your thumb would rest.

So again, we’re having to rethink. Which designs make the most sense, given the way that the phone is targeted and who it’s targeted at, if it’s for gaming, then yet these things make sense. You want good sound and also you want to place the grip onto it so you can kind of understand it, things that are happening in the world.

In the world of technology. I can’t see my hands don’t cover or audio that’s loud on video is actually a live stream with the new PlayStation five. Controller courtesy of Jeff Keeley. And he was given the opportunity not only to have that is loud, and I believe there’s actually even greater ability to control your audio performance within the settings, if I’m not mistaken.

So there’s this thing baked in called audio wizard, which will enhance the performance of audio depending on the circumstance and what you’re doing on your device. So they’re saying for gaming, for example, to boost the sound of footsteps for music for a more immersive experience. And then of course, just the ability to personalize it as the, and configure the sound, not all manufacturers give you this ability or encourage you to do this, but they’ve baked it in here.

You can see it’s currently on the normal setting and it’s in game mode. But if I want it to go in here and tweak this and just. You know, boost up the treble or the bass to suit my criteria. I could do that. So I’m just downloading an update on this device is a good moment to look over at some of these accessories.

So this is the, a lighting armor case. So I guess this one lights up a little bit, also look sort of like a shell style case, similar to the other one, but a little bit more robust. And these, this is one of those ones that. Pushes light through these little dots on the back. Of course it leaves room for all of your various cutouts that are necessary.

They detected the case, applying the theme. Woo. You pick it up, Kirk. Yeah. So you’re getting your typical RGB cycle through there, but even without the case, you get that. It’s going to be this kind of smaller logo that’s built into the phone. This case just appears to synchronize what’s happening there with the exterior.

So that’s kind of cool neon arrow case. That’s this one here, this chic case offers protection against bumps and shocks damage. I think it’s going to be a lot like the case that was included in the package, just in a neon color. And that is quite the look, Kirk, I feel like you could pull this look, you could pull that look off, right?

You’re at the family event and you pull this out. You’re like, yeah, that’s Kirk right there. He’s still doing it. He’s a guy that’s still doing it. So that’s a, that’s the most that is so neon looking. Holy pop. We don’t see this type of transparent plastic as often anymore, but anyway, there’s a couple of different options now.

They’ve also. Included an antibacterial glass screen protector. That’s a big deal right now. So that’s there as well. And then the most interesting of the accessories that I received is this one, which is the cooler. And like I mentioned previously, I’ve tested these things with an actual thermometer and they do work.

They effectively cool down your smartphone actively with, by pulling heat away from where the chip lives underneath the rear surface. And then, uh, uh, dissipating it. And this plugs into that bottom port that I mentioned previously. So this is going to attach into the port like that. And then down like this, when equipped with a fan and H and N and enabling ECMO, do you wish to always apply level three performance to achieve the ultimate gaming experience?

Yes, of course I do. All right. So now we have Republic of gamers RGB down here as well. And we have the fan running, which I can feel the cool air pumping out. And what’s cool about this attachment is that it offers up pass throughs on the bottom for a dedicated, wired headset, as well as the type C connector to keep power flowing through the whole thing, including this accessory.

And then the new thing as well. Is this little kickstand that’s on here. Opens up like this

and allows you to get a nice little stand tier device, whether you’re just watching content or gaming, because now you can back off a little bit with an actual controller. If you want to attach a controller for a more, even more tactile feel, it’s just about versatility and different options for how you want to interact with it.

Maybe you just want to let it cool down a little bit. Maybe want to eat your cereal. You know, it’s completely up to you, whatever. Okay. What kind of cereal are you getting? Oh, man. You know, I jump around a lot. I recently got back into a classic and believe it or not, uh, just regular Cheerios, honey. No, no regular yellow box Cheerios.

Yeah. Recently got back into, it’s not a ton of flavor, but it’s a nostalgic thing. All right. So to showcase what this thing is capable of, I’ve loaded up a game called bullet force because that game is capable of one 44 FPS to take advantage of the one 44 Hertz. You have to look for titles that support that.

And as far as the air triggers are concerned, you just pull over here, grab the triggers and align them up with different sections within the game. Where they’d be convenient to have. So down the sites is on my left trigger and to actually activate the trigger itself in the graphical overlay, you have the right shoulder button.

If I pushed the right shoulder, boom left shoulder down the sides right shoulder. Oh, there we go. He’s bad. You did. And Holy moly, the sound is quite immersive here


got him. It’s a comeback five, three, three in a row

that doesn’t even seem right. I had it. I had the eyes on him as well. I had the eyes on him. I put the eyes first. Okay. I gotta get out of here. Uh, what can I say? I mean, this is it’s fun stuff, guys. It’s a good time, a good time. And it’s fun stuff. And it’s gaming. It’s gaming centric. It’s a beast. It’s an, it’s obvious what it’s for.

You just have to take one glance at it and you know what you’re working with. If you’re in the market for the most powerful thing, that’s out there in smartphone land. I don’t think you can beat this right now. Quick recap here on sec 16 gigs of Ram, a Snapdragon eight 65. Plus with a 10% profit it’s improvement over the regular eight 65, including in the graphics department, a 6,000 milliamp hour battery because.

That’s what you would want on a high powered gaming phone, a display that’s capable of one 44 Hertz. One of two that I’m aware of that can come up to that speed. And then you pair that with the two 70 Hertz. Input. And it’s like, well, it’s obvious that you’re dealing with, if not the most powerful, definitely one of the most powerful smartphones that you can by in 2020, you know who it’s for.

It’s got the game centric, design, the RGB stuff, and Oh, wild variety of accessories that you can add to it to enhance the gaming experience. Even further. I think this is probably the most popular of the add ons. It really does work and it’s. Quite portable, but they take it a step further with all the controllers and contraptions.

So even guys like me can get those kills in a first person shooter, or he missed me too.

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