One Plus Nord specs

All right. So I’ve got the device booted up and. Honestly, the thing that hits you straight away with these one plus devices is just how Google , they are from an operating system perspective. So yes, there are various optimizations that go into it through the oxygen OS mods that take place, but not in such a fashion that completely overhauls or overwhelms the user experience.

And that’s something that I like, uh, In fact, on this particular unit, they just went ahead and put Google messages in there and some other native Google apps that did don’t even exist on the other one plus devices. So that’s a welcome addition. As far as I’m concerned, I’m always looking for something close to that vanilla Google experience.

And then if those, if the enhancements that have manufacturer does, don’t modify that too much, but just actually add to it, then that’s a bonus. So as mentioned, this is a 90 Hertz display. So it’s got a fairly rapid refresh rate. And if you head in here, you have a couple of different settings here. You can actually toggle it back to 60 Hertz.

If you want to save some battery life instead of the ultra smooth movement. But myself, of course, I’ll keep it at 90 Hertz. There’s some other screen calibration options for how you want colors to be represented. Of course, you can put this into dark mode. It has a couple of different ways to unlock the device.

Of course, there’s the inbuilt fingerprint scanner. I’ve registered my thumb print. So that works kind of as expected, but it also has face on lock, which I’ve been a fan of in the past. So maybe I should go ahead and register it because my kind of optimal unlock experience is the versatility of both.

Sometimes I’ll use face. Sometimes I’ll use thumbprint depending on the circumstance. So let’s go ahead and set up the face on lock and see if it’s as fast as it’s been in the past. I look at it, no thought necessary. Hit the button fast on lock. I’m just a fan of that. No, like I said, sometimes the thumbprint is more convenient.

So having both or versatility, that’s my choice. When available now, one plus gives you a few more customization settings around. A clock style, wallpapers fingerprints, but also system customization for your accent color in your system icons, I can change the accent color to red. Just like that. I can change the system icons from round to square to teardrop.

This is not an incredibly major thing. You can go in with your own launcher and do this fairly easily, but it’s nice to see the manufacturer give you some customization options, right within the S. Again, without being overbearing and attempting to change the look of Android altogether. Another interesting thing is one plus his decision to do the dual front facing camera setup for the selfie cameras.

And so I’m curious about the focal length of each of those. So I’m just going to go ahead and flip it around here. Maybe Kurt can get a better look of that. There’s turf. You got that. So this is your typical focal length, which is, which is actually pretty wide to begin with. I mean, that’s a pretty wide shot there, but you can go even wider.

That’s a crazy wide shot. That’s a group shot. That’s a, well, I mean, we could fit 10 people in there. Kirk, you get the whole unbox therapy crew and all the dogs and even VIN where’s that there he is over there. Just finished a slice of pizza. He’s not happy about that. Now on the rear by comparison, we’ve got three camera units, and one of them is also a macro lens is something we’re fairly used to.

At this point, we can go from your typical one X shot to a fairly wide ultra wide, and then also a zoom factor as well. So versatility in the camera department. That’s what you’re looking for really at any price point. So as far as the screen is concerned, I know a few people are gonna, would be interested in what this whole punch this, not just going to look like when you zoom into a video.

And so that’s what you’re working with. I’ve mentioned this in the past, but it, if you’re going to have some sort of a cutout, whether it’s for a single camera or in this case, a dual camera sticking it in the corner rather than the center gets it more out of the way for video content. So even though you don’t have this symmetrical design, you wind up kind of pushing it down into a less important screen section for video consumption.

As far as the resolution of this display’s concern. Yes. It is an AML ed display and it’s coming in at 2,400 by 10 80. All right. So that’s your unboxing of the brand new one plus Nord? I can’t go in depth at the moment. In fact, I can’t show camera samples and various other things because we are super early right now at the point of this unboxing video.

However, I’m likely going to put my SIM card in here and use it over the coming weeks. So if you have questions about it, you can hit me up on social media, on Twitter or in the comments section here. And I’ll attempt to get to the bottom of it over the next couple of weeks, but it’s nice to know C one plus making a move back towards its roots a little bit.

Yeah. In the form of the Nord product. I think this is going to make a lot of people happy. And the eight and eight pro launched, there were some questions about the future of OnePlus and where the attention was being placed. And a number of people were hoping that there was some kind of value play in the future.

That future exists now. In the form of the OnePlus Nord, the device is going to be available in two colors, blue marble and gray Onyx, which is the device that I’ve got in front of me here, it’s running. So she didn’t owe us 10.5, which is of course, based on 10, it’s got the Qualcomm Snapdragon seven 65, five G processor with an Adreno six 20 it’s available in two different configurations for Ram, either eight gigabytes.

Or 12 gigabytes and storage options are one 28 or two 56. The battery is 40 100 million hours capable of recharging to 70% in half an hour. Over warp charge, 30, 30 watt fast charging. The display is 6.44 inches at 2,400 by 10 80 pixels for an effective PPI of 408. Supports a refresh rate of 90 Hertz. And of course it’s also an AMA led panel.

The main camera sensors, the Sony IMX five eight, six with 48 megapixels and an F 1.75 aperture. The one plus nor does capable of shooting four K video up to 30 frames per second, or it can shoot super slow Mo 10 ADP up to 240 frames. And remember you have a chance to win one of these. I have eight one plus Norte units that are looking for a new home.

Go check out the giveaway video. I’ll link it in the description of this video. It’s pretty simple to enter and yeah, you can have a chance to win one of these for yourself.

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