One plus Nord unboxing

So the moment has come. There’s been a lot of talk, a lot of speculation as you’re well aware. It’s the new product from one plus whole new name, whole new product one plus Nord, getting back to the roots, getting back to the budget value mindset in the form of a new product. This isn’t early on boxing.

The time that I’m filming this, you should be aware. So there’s still some questions for me, but I think I’m going to get all my answers. Inside of this box. Now, before I do get inside here, I want to remind you of the giveaway, which was the previous video that came up. I actually have looked at this. I have like eight of these things to give away to you guys.

So go check out that video. If you haven’t seen it yet for your chance to win one of these for yourself. Uh, but yes, this is the unboxing experience. Meet the OnePlus, Nord, a smartphone. With the smooth experience, powerful cameras and exceptional quality you’d expect from us. Pretty much everything you could ask for all within a couple of bucks or for actually within a bigger box.

So five boxes. How about the, the box poetry there or a riddle? It might be all right. So I think we grabbed right here. I believe this entire piece comes off. Yes, it does. Now, keep in mind, this is not the retail package. This is a special version of the package, ah, because they’ve included the first party accessories.

Of course. So we do have some cases over here on the side, as well as the retail version of the device.

All right. So the cases, this looks like a black sand stone bumper case, pretty simple stuff. Also got a blue sandstone bumper cases at sandstone, also sandstone, and then a pretty straightforward, clear bumper case. And of course, if you want to go for something different, something thin, there will be a later case for the one plus Nord as well.

And you can preorder it right now. I’ll link it in the description. Here’s what it looks like on the one plus eight pro that I’m using currently. All right. So this is, this is a great Onyx, two 56 gigs of storage and 12 gigs of Ram in a budget mind grade value device. This has the same Snapdragon 700 series chip in it, but one plus says.

There’s all kinds of software optimizations to make it feel incredibly smooth, to go along with the 90 Hertz display that also happens to be in here. You guys know you’ve heard in the past, I’m a big fan of faster refresh rates and that’s popping up into budget minded devices as well.


Whoa. Now this is unveiled this teal color. I don’t know if this is going to be a kind of theme color for the Nord brand going forward, but they have leaned on this color and a lot of the material they’ve put out an Instagram page and all the rest of it. So maybe going forward, that’s the theme color.

This way, Nord. So have you the cation right away of the end display fingerprint scanner in this location here, flip this around the, we don’t learn too much else. Let’s look at the other items inside the package. We have some papers. Oh. And a case to actually get you started in there as well. There’s a welcome letter.

Dear friend today, when a new phone hits the market, we often ask what are the specs, but then we would be asking the wrong question, because if the experience is smooth, if the camera’s powerful and the, it is exceptional, if everything works just the way we expect to the specs, really matter one, plus Knorr brings new focus and refinement.

To the essentials of the modern smartphone. So there’s your team. And what they’re basically saying is, Hey, we feel like we put a package together here that you’re going to be satisfied with that maybe it’s not all about specs and we’ll obviously they have the other products in the lineup as well. In the form of the one plus eight and eight pro whatever set of specs you’re looking for, they have something for you now, but this is certainly a return to the roots from a price to performance kind of perspective.

So, yes, there’s a clear case, kind of a standard clear case. Also inside the package, we can do a quick comparison to the more premium, clear case over here.

So there, you can see the two options. This one will get, you started give you a little bit of protection on the device. If that’s what you’re looking for. And then this steps it up a little bit. This is a slightly harder material. Also inside the package, you have the one plus charge cable. This is your.

Standard a red and white style that they’ve been using for awhile type C on one side, type a on the other. And this of course, pairs to a fast charge, power brick, or as one plus calls it warped charge. This is the warp charge, 30, a 30 watt fast charge capable. Alright, warp charge 30 T smart and fast. It will recharge.

The 41 mil amp hour battery that’s inside of the one plus Nord two 70% in half an hour. So that’s the spec that they want to share. Okay. Let’s remove the wrap.

So there it is the one plus Nord, it’s kind of crazy to see it real life because I’ve been talking about this thing and the leaks and rumors. And just covering it a lot, especially on the loo later channel. And now it’s here. It’s a real thing and it exists. And of course, I’ve heard a little bit about the inspiration behind this device and wanting to tie it in with the various other OnePlus devices.

I think it fits. It definitely says one plus right away. When you look at it, this is a kind of gray metallic finish that they’re using on the back. You see the vertical camera design, which reveals a number of camera modules, as well as a flash beside it. The edges are actually more curved than on the eight pro that I’m currently using.

You have the power switch in this location, as well as the OnePlus slider alert, slider that. I mean, this has been a signature of the devices for a really long time. I use this, I use this every day, to be honest, it has a nice texture to it. And it’s easy to discern from the power switch. If you reach into your pocket without looking the volume rocker is over here on the other side, the bottom of the device, you have your SIM card tray as well as your type C connector.

And that looks like the speaker grill beside that. And the other unique characteristic of this phone is the front facing camera setup because there are two front facing cameras, including a wide. We’re not seeing this all that frequently anymore. So for the selfie takers or the group shot takers, you’re going to have a little bit more play a little bit more versatility with the two camera modules in this kind of pill cut out.

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